Tender: Awareness Raising Campaign on Small Arms Risks

Company name: Danish Refugee Council (DRC)

City: Tripoli

Category name: Other /

Issued: 2021-10-04

Tender type: Free

Close Date: 2021-10-10

Cost: 0.00

Ref No.


Awareness Raising Campaign on Small Arms Risks-DRC-LBY-TNS-RFQ-2021-017

3 Oct 2021
Closing date
10 Oct 2021

Assignment: Develop and implementation of awareness raising campaign, including development of information education communication materials
Expected start date: Immediately upon contract signing/early October 2021

Introduction and Background
Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is an international non-governmental organisation which promotes and supports durable solutions to the problems faced by refugees and internally displaced people around the world. Danish Demining Group (DDG) is the technical specialized unit of DRC, working to protect conflict affected communities. To that end, DDG aims to improve safety, strengthen community resilience and build local capacities to reduce and remove weapons-related risks and factors that may result in use of weapons.
DRC-DDG has been operational in Libya since 2011 providing basic assistance and protection services to safeguard the dignity, safety and wellbeing of Libya’s most vulnerable and at-risk populations including migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), returnees, and host communities. DRC-DDG's interventions include protection assistance, legal aid and management of informal settlements, shelter assistance, multi-purpose cash assistance (MPCA), food and non-food item distribution, economic recovery, community safety initiatives, and humanitarian mine action. DRC-DDG currently have offices in Tripoli, Benghazi, and Sabha.

Introduction to assignment
To enhance safety and security of communities in Tripoli, DRC-DDG is calling for organisations, companies or individuals to submit a proposal for conducting an awareness raising/sensitization campaign on small arms at specific locations within Hay Al Andalus municipality in Tripoli and online.
The overall goal of DRC-DDG’s intervention is to improve human security and public safety in Hay Al Andalus through the reduction of small arms associated risks and armed violence. It intends to do so by raising awareness of the risk of civilian-held small arms and engage communities in dialogue on safety measures and development of local community safety plans.
DRC-DDG is presently conducting a knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices (KABP) study on civilian-held small arms to collect information that can inform the campaign and community engagement activities and address the proliferation of small arms. The report will include recommendations on suitable and trusted media and ten key risk reduction awareness raising messages on small arms to be used for leaflets, posters, booklets and training materials (Information Education Communication (IEC) materials). This intervention falls under DRC-DDG’s programme sector: Community Safety.

The overall goal of DRC-DDG’s intervention is to improve human security and public safety in Hay Al Andalus through the reduction of small arms associated risks and armed violence. It intends to do so by raising awareness of the risk of civilian-held small arms and engage communities in dialogue on safety measures and development of local community safety plans.

Objectives of this Request for Proposal (RFP)
DRC seeks proposals from organisations, companies, or consultants to provide their service in developing and delivering the awareness raising campaign. It should include the development of visual, audio and audio-visual materials, and the engaging, planning and delivery of the campaign through outlets (social media, radio, billboards).
The following deliverables for the consultancy are required:
Design of visual identity of the campaign which needs to be in line with the key messages and with visual elements that can be used independently. The visual identity needs to be prepared in all formats for print, web, radio and social media use. The final campaign identity and accompanying messages should be reviewed e.g. in a focus group setting. See example of awareness raising messages at the bottom of this document.
Produce audio/visual products – In collaboration with DRC-DDG and using the recommendations and KABP report provided, the selected bidder will be expected to adapt the products for the appropriate communications channels and maximise impact of the key messages to the targeted audiences:

Production of a video spot (potentially animated), that raises awareness on risks and negative aspects of civilian possession of weapons.
The preferred length of the video is 30 seconds in total, with a second, shorter version of 15 seconds to be cut/ edited for further dissemination.
2.2. Production of a radio jingle (up to 10 seconds) with the same communications purpose as item 2.1.
2.3. Design of banners for web portals.
2.4. Production of audio/visual social media material.
Media Buying Radio and Web:
3.1. Media buying on at least 1 preferred and trusted radio station with local coverage in Hay Al Andalus (to be selected based on KABP survey).
3.2. Media buying on 3 (minimum) of the most suitable web portals including social media (to be selected based on trusted and used media identified in KABP survey). This part of the project should include optional social media buying i.e., Facebook/Google ads, etc.
Design and printing of various types of promotional materials (the supplier will be responsible for the graphic design, layout and printing of the material):
4.1. Leaflets for 3 key messages (to be determined) i.e.: a) key message no 1 (1000 copies); b) key message no 2 (500 copies); c) key message no 3 (500 copies);
4.2. Posters (50 pieces, A3 size);
4.3. Notebook A6, spiral binding, 50 pages (100 pieces);
4.4. 2x Roll-up banners (1m x 2m)

Billboards: The supplier shall provide the following:
5.1. At least 2 billboards across Hay Al Andalus (“A” category, standard size, including lighting – to be selected jointly with DRC-DDG)
5.2. The suppliers shall assist in facilitating the designs are approved by relevant authorities
Weekly and Final Reporting

Provide a short weekly report on campaign reach, with demographic data, and information on the number of people reached. The final campaign report should make use of relevant data-gathering tools to inform DRC-DDG on successes.

All material and deliverables shall be delivered in Arabic language (while the visual identity with slogan should be produced in English language as well, for the use on respective partners’ websites, as a banner, jpeg photo).
All reports shall be delivered in English in electronic format.

The campaign will run within Hay Al Andalus municipality in Tripoli and online, targeting community in Hay Al Andalus to the degree possible. The KABP survey was conducted in Hay Al Andalus and DRC-DDG will implement community safety programming concurrently with the awareness raising campaign.

Timing and Duration
Preparatory work on campaign should start as soon as contracted and all deliverables must be finalised no later than by end-October at which time they should be presented to DRC-DDG. Draft version of the media buying plan should be included in the offer, whereas the final plan needs to be approved by DRC-DDG at the end of October at the latest. The campaign will run from early November until mid-December 2021. Timetable of activities will be agreed with the selected supplier, upon the finalisation of the procurement process.

Time frame

  1. Visual identity of the campaign developed in coordination with DRC-DDG.: week after signing of the contract
  2. Media buying plan finalized in coordination with the DRC-DDG.
    1 week after signing of the contract
  3. Design/layout of the print material and web banners finalized in coordination with the DRC-DDG.
    2 weeks after signing of the contract
  4. Design/scenario of the radio jingle and video finalized in coordination with DRC-DDG
    2 weeks after signing of the contract
  5. Finalization of all materials and their presentation (with integrated comments from DRC-DDG and testing all products within a selected target audience), including electronic and hard copy of materials:
    Developed visual identity of the campaign (2 electronic copy to be provided)
    Media Buying Plan finalized (2 electronic copies to be provided)
    Print materials printed (3 hard copies of each to be provided)
    Design and production of internet banners (3 electronic copy to be provided).
    Design and production of radio jingles finalized (2 copies to be provided):
    3.5 weeks after signing of the contract
  6. Media buying – to be executed according to the agreed Media Buying Plan:
    Throughout the campaign’s six weeks (from its beginning until 16 December 2021).
  7. Weekly progress reports (as of contract signature) – Reflecting the status of activities and progress of the assignment :
    Throughout the campaign.

The bidder can be a civil society organisation, national or international non-governmental organization, private company or consortium with the following characteristics and most comply to the degree possible to the requirements and qualifications below.

Requirements and Qualifications:
• At least 2 years of proven experience in preparing, designing and implementing public awareness/information/sensitization/marketing campaigns;
• Background in development of public awareness campaigns in Libya (list of performed campaigns, with a portfolio for at least two selected campaigns);
• Experience in designing campaigns in Tripoli will be considered as an asset;
• Being able to produce high quality outputs and respond to strict time limits;
• Flexibility of the team and readiness to accommodate DRC-DDG’s needs;
• Strong background in new media, creativity and innovation in the team, experience with the latest trends in the digital communications would be an asset.
• High professional standards.
Civil society organisations and national non-governmental organisations (NGO) are highly encouraged to apply.

The agency undertakes to maintain confidentiality on all information that is not the public domain and shall not be involved in another assignment that represents a conflict of interest to the prevailing assignment.

Organisational Focal Point
The selected organisation, company or individual will report directly to the Community Safety Coordinator under the DRC Head of Humanitarian Disarmament & Peacebuilding.

How to apply

Application process
Interested bidders who meet the required qualifications and experience are invited to submit their offers, which must include the below documents/criteria.The RFP application process and timeline are outlined below.

Please note that suppliers must respond to all criteria, or the bid may be disqualified. Item Date and date as appropriate

RFP published :29th September, 2021

Closing date for clarifications : 4th October, 2021

Questions will be published on Libyan tenders :5th October, 2021

Closing date and time for receipt of Tenders:10th October, 2021 at 11PM Libya time

Tender Opening Date :11th October, 2021

Please follow the link below to download required tender documents : https://libyantenders.ly/view-Tender/request-for-quotation-rfq-for-awareness-raising-campaign-on-small-arms-risks-1

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