Tender: Call for Expression of Interest for the child protection Program

Company name: UNICEF

City: Benghazi

Category name: Other /

Issued: 2020-10-04

Tender type: Free

Close Date: 2020-10-22

Cost: 0.00

Ref No.


The purpose of the Call for Expression of Interest is to identify eligible Civil Society Organization (CSO) for prospective partnership with UNICEF Libya under the EU-funded programme “Resilience building program for vulnerable children in Libya, including host communities, migrant and refugee children”. The activities envisioned under the programme will benefit children in the East of Libya, specifically in the municipality of Benghazi.

Eligible partners are invited to submit proposals for partnership to support the achievement of results as described in the section 1.3 below in the target municipality. Eligible partners are expected to cover in their proposal all the activities outlined in section 1.3 as per their technical capacity. Eligible partners are not expected to work at all the, therefore, the CSO applicant shall propose to conduct the activity relevant to its institutional capacity and geographic presence.

CSOs that wish to participate in this Call for Expression of Interest are requested to send their submission marked with “CSO Call for Expression of Interest for the child protection Program” at the following email address LBY-BAYTI@unicef.org by 22 October 2020.

Applications can be submitted either in English or Arabic.

Any requests for additional information should be addressed in writing to LBY-BAYTI@unicef.org.

Applications will be assessed by UNICEF Libya Partnership Cooperation Agreement Review Committee (PCARC) to identify CSOs that have the mandate, capacities and comparative advantage to support achievement of results for children using criteria outlined in section 3 below. It should be noted however that participation to this Call for Expression of Interest does not guarantee the CSO will be ultimately selected for partnership with UNICEF. Selected organisations will be invited to review and finalise partnership agreements in accordance with criteria outlined in section 3.4 below and applicable policy and procedures on partnership with CSOs.

Applicant CSOs will be informed of the outcome of their submissions by communication sent out to the email address that is indicated in the CSO submission.

Section 1: Background



UNICEF is considered as integral part of the United Nations organization; and it works with governments, local communities, civil society organizations, private sector and with the other partners in order to rise with child’s rights; all under the guidance of global announcement of human rights, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Convention of the Elimination of all Forms of Discriminations against Women and any other relevant conventions which are ratified by Libyan State.

1.2UNICEF EU- funded child program Programme

UNICEF in the process of implementing the “ Resilience building program for vulnerable children in Libya”, to ensure that the most vulnerable children in targeted locations, whether they are migrants, refugees, Internally Displaced People (IDPs), returnees or from host communities, have access to quality, inclusive and improved integrated services with focus on Child Protection and Education services, and thus ensure they attain their fundamental rights.

Moreover, the objective is to strengthen national institutions responsible for providing basic social services, particularly child protection and education services to vulnerable children, regardless of their status.

1.3Specific results

Planned interventions over the period of 12 months will be carried out through the selected civil society organizations in partnership with relevant stakeholders, in the targeted municipalities.

UNICEF is looking for partners which can establish and implement this integrated service package in one or more of the integrated approach of service delivery (Baity Centers) in the targeted Municipalities. The partner should be able to provide services for at least a period of 12 months starting from contractual date. The partner should be able to help UNICEF achieving the following results:

Provide equitable, safe and quality learning by enrolling school-aged children in each Baity non-formal education programs and act as a support or bridge towards the education provided in the national education system.

Provide community-based child protection and psychosocial support interventions for vulnerable girls and boys by enrolling children in Baity center in psychosocial support activities or providing services on-site.

Provide opportunities for vulnerable young people to actively engage in life skills-based trainings.

Provide health referrals

The programme results achieved through the following activities include:

Vulnerable boys and girls benefit from the evidenced based, conflict sensitive multi- sectoral basic services by establishing a community center in which:

1.Provision and quality of child protection services have improved, and stronger and coordinated child protection systems are in place and functional in the targeted locations;

2.Non-formal education supporting and bridging into the national education system is accessible and provided in appropriate learning environments in the targeted locations, and the quality of the education services has improved.

All the programme activities will have to be closely coordinated with the municipalities.

Section 2: Application requirements and timelines

2.1 Documentation required for the submission

2.1Indicative timelines

The expression of interest shall include the following documentation:

Copy of CSO registration in Libya

Recommendation from the target municipality (Benghazi)

Previous work experience in Protection and Education programmes in Libya

A valid bank account in Libya and/or Tunisia that can be used to disburse funds

Attachment I - Partner Declaration signed by authorised official

Attachment II - CSO Identification and Profile signed by authorised official

Attachment III - Programme Proposal.

Call for Expression of Interest issue date


September 2020






Deadline for submissions of CSO proposals


October 2020







Section 3: Process and timelines

3.1Review & evaluation of

CSO submissions

3.2Eligibility & exclusion criteria

3.3Selection criteria

Partner submissions are assessed by the Partnership Review Committee in consultation with technical specialists, using criteria outlined in section 3.2 and 3.3 below.

Only Partners submissions which comply with the requirements of the eligibility and exclusion criteria will be eligible for further evaluation.

Results from the review will be used for purposes of mapping and selection of CSOs in relation to the specific results outlined in section 1.3 above.

It should be noted that participation to this Call for Expression of Interest however does not guarantee CSOs will be ultimately selected for a partnership agreement with UNICEF. UNICEF reserves the right to invite selected partners to review and finalise proposals for partnerships in line with criteria outlined in section 3.4 below and in accordance with applicable policy and procedures on partnership with CSOs.

Eligibility criteria: CSO must:

a)Registered in Libya and authorized/proven capacity to work in at least one of the target municipalities.

b)Not be an entity named on any of the UN Security Council targeted sanction lists.

c)Have a valid bank account in Libya or Tunisia to be able to receive the funds

d)Have work experience in education and/or protection programmes in Libya

Exclusion criteria

CSO submission which:

a)Are not sent to UNICEF before the specified deadline

b)Do not include all required documents duly completed and signed or do not comply with specifications set in this Call for Expression of Interest

UNICEF office will review evidence provided by the CSO submission and assess applications based on the following criteria

Proposal relevance,

Includes review of the proposed programme:

quality and

• Relevance of proposal to achieving expected results

coherence (50%)

• Clarity of activities and expected results


Innovative approach


• Adequacy and clarity of proposed budget (including



contribution by CSO)





Institutional capacity

Includes a review of the CSO:

and sustainability

• Expertise and experience in the sector/area as per TOR


• Local experience, presence, and community relations


Management ability


• Experience working with UN/UNICEF





3.4 Prospective

All applicants will be informed of the outcome of their submissions by communication




sent out to the email/ postal address that is indicated in the CSO submission.






Applicants whose proposals are assessed as having a specific comparative advantage



to achieve results for children outlined in 1.3 above may be invited to jointly review and



finalise the partnership agreement based on the following criteria:



• Prioritisation of proposed intervention in line with the UNICEF work plan



• Availability of funding to support proposed intervention



• Complementarity or proposed action with ongoing interventions










Upon finalisation at technical level, the proposal for partnership will be submitted to the Representative for review and approval. It should be noted however that the Representative has the final authority to approve or reject any proposed partnership agreement on behalf of UNICEF.

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