Tender: Call for interest LY2020-CASH-001

Company name: Norwegian Refugee Council

City: Benghazi

Category name: Other /

Issued: 2020-11-15

Tender type: Free

Close Date: 2020-11-29

Cost: 0.00

Ref No.


Call for interest




The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is an independent, humanitarian, non-profit, non-governmental organisation which provides assistance, protection and durable solutions to refugees and internally displaced persons worldwide.

NRC has been working in Libya since 2018 on Education, Shelter, Cash based interventions, and legal assistance.


Presently, NRC is developing the list of suppliers providing the following Services:


Banks in Libya who are able to provide the service of Cash cards/ Gift cards that can be used for assistance distributions. Those cards will give ability to access/withdraw cash inside Libya from multiple Points of Services/ ATM’s in the country that the bank can provide.


The service includes production of these cards, adding balance with amounts requested and transferred to the bank by NRC and then management of the balance on those cards, withdrawals, refills, deactivation, reactivation and other needed tools to securely and safely manage the cards. 


The main criteria for selecting new suppliers will be:


  • Competitive pricing 
  • Ability to meet specifications and standards
  • Availability of products, lead-times, and ability to deliver within 30 days
  • Product and service quality 
  • Financial stability & credit strength 
  • Payment conditions/requirements 
  • Service support resources available


Suppliers/ Banks interested in being added to our list of Pre-qualified suppliers, in participating in future restricted tenders and/or in signing framework contracts with us should submit their request by 29th November 2020 before 24:00hrs at the address below:


Subject of the email needs to include: “Interest LY2020-CASH-001” 


You email of interest should include the following details:

  1. Bank details and information
  2. Confirmation that you can provide the service needed
  3. Address of the bank
  4. Focal point details for future official communication including email, phone and title


An “invitation to bid- ITB” form will be sent to the interested suppliers and will have to be returned, once fully completed, within the time table and deadlines specified in the ITB document. Submission manner of the ITB will be described in details also in the same ITB document. 




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