Tender: Implementation of Microprojects

Company name: The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

City: Tripoli

Category name: Other /

Issued: 2020-08-09

Tender type: Free

Close Date: 2020-08-24

Cost: 0.00

Ref No.




Promoting Youth for Peaceful Development in Libya 

Bid Reference: 2018.2182.6-001.00_ Implementation of micro-projects in selected municipalities (incl. Preparation, selection, and follow-up)


On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), GIZ is implementing a project on promotion of youth for peaceful development in Libya. The objective of the project is to improve the political and social participation of young people for a peaceful development in Libya (module goal). The political partner in Libya is the General Authority of Youth and Sports (YSA).


The project intends to contract a Libyan NGO to support local youth group on the implementation of micro-projects in the municipalities of Janzour, Jado, Wadi Al Bawanees, Ghadames, Al Beyda, and Benghazi. The contract further includes the facilitation of a virtual exchange platform and a national exchange forum. 


Bidders should note and adhere to the following terms: 


  • Offers (technical and financial) shall be submitted in an electronic version not later than Monday the 24th of August, 2020, to the following email address: LY_Quotation@giz.de. The subject line of the email should indicate the following title: 2018.2182.6-001.00_Conduction of summer camps on Youth Promotion.
  • Payments will be in Euros to the contractor’s bank abroad. 
  • Bidders must have a foreign currency bank account. 
  • For financial offers, please use the attached template
  • Financial Offers must contain the bidder’s bank details. 
  • Please note that the consultancy includes travel within Libya to the partner municipalities stated in the TORs if security conditions allow. 


The following tender documents are in annex to this invitation for bids:


  • Terms of reference
  • Selection grid
  • Template for financial offer
  • Guidance on how to fill in the financial offer


In order to apply, please provide the following documents:


  • Concept
  • Financial offer (please use template attached)
  • CVs of all proposed personnel
  • Proof of foreign bank account
  • Filled out template for the assessment of the eligibility of the consulting firm
  • Registration documents of the NGO or consultancy firm


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