Tender: EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) Engineering Services for LGCS in Libya

Company name: DAI Global

City: Tripoli

Category name: Other /

Issued: 2020-03-02

Tender type: Free

Close Date: 2020-03-18

Cost: 0.00

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EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) Engineering Services for LGCS in Libya

DAI is issuing this Expression of Interest (EOI) for Libya Local Governance and Civil Society (LGCS).

The Libya Local Governance and Civil Society (LGCS) Program, locally known as the Taqarib Project, is a 4-year activity that aims to strengthen the foundations for a more unified Libyan state. To do this, Taqarib will empower local governments, reinforce community bonds, promote citizen engagement in public dialogue, and prioritize public resources allocations. The program will also link enhancement to service delivery at the municipal level with rational efforts to improve the execution of decentralization policy and to further evidence- based reforms. LGCS will work with approximately 30 municipalities across Libya.

This document presents the requirements that interested vendors must provide to be invited to submit in the next 12 months their technical/cost proposals for procurement opportunities anticipated by DAI. Pre-qualified vendors may be invited to respond to a solicitation, and/or multiple solicitations.

Vendors must be licensed and legally organized businesses, organizations, or firms. Individual consultants will not be considered for this EOI.

The purpose of this Expression of Interest (EOI) is to pre-qualify specialized vendors who have experience providing goods or services in the engineering Services as in the below scope of work.


The deadline for responding to this EOI is March 30, 2020, 2PM Libya time. Responses received after the deadline will not be reviewed and will be discarded by DAI, subject to the discretion of the project’s management. Responses may be emailed to ProcurementLGCS@dai.com. Please address the subject of the email, or on the sealed envelope “Expression of Interest – Engineering Services for LGCS in Libya

DAI will only respond to written questions regarding this EOI through the email address: ProcurementLGCS@dai.com and any questions must be submitted by March 18, 2020.

All information provided by vendors in response to this EOI will be treated confidentially. DAI will not use the information in any other context or setting and we will not reveal details to other parties.


Engineering Services A. Design Services

EOI No. taqarib-Libya-2020-001 Page 1

  • Engineering assistance with the design of unique municipal service delivery restoration projects including barrier restoration, land stability, facility restoration, park and market creation, hydrologic and hydraulic restoration, shoreline protection, storm drain and streetlight and local road repair.

  • Utilization of hydraulic, morphological and hydrodynamic models to predict coastal, riverine and estuarine processes including, but not limited to, flow, circulation, wave climate, sediment transport and tidal influence.

  • Review and development of construction cost estimates and technical reports.

  • Preparation of construction documents including plans, specifications and bid packages.

  • Technical presentations.

  • Interfacing with all engineering and scientific disciplines.

B. Hydraulics and Hydrology

Analyze and design a wide array of structures including weirs, culverts, water control structures, inlet and conveyance channels, parks, local roads, street lights and markets and pump stations.

C. Structural

Analyze and design a wide array of reconstruction, flood, and public facility protection structures including construction, reconstruction, maintenance and breakwaters, service delivery and outfall structures, weirs, flap gated culverts and structural foundations. Designs could consist of structural steel, concrete, timber, fiberglass and soil.

D. Geotechnical

  • Geotechnical field investigations including both shallow and deep soil borings.

  • Geotechnical laboratory testing and analysis.

  • Preparation of soil boring logs.

  • Geotechnical analysis and design based on data collected or data furnished by the Taqarib

    Project Objective 1 team for construction related engineering services.

E. Surveying Services

  • Topographic, bathymetric, property, boundary and servitude surveying.

  • Develop right-of-way or servitude maps and provide other site data.

  • 3D-laser scanning, magnetometer surveys, and underwater acoustical imaging including

    both multi-beam and side scan hydrographic surveys.

  • Construction related surveying services.

F. Environmental Services

  • Permits from the local municipalities.

  • Wetland permits (404 and Nationwide).

  • Section 10 permits from the US Army Corps of Engineers.

  • Water Quality Certification.

  • Ministry of Environmental Quality.

  • Any and all permits and licenses required.

G. Inspection Services

EOI No. taqarib-Libya-2020-001 Page 2


Provide personnel and equipment to perform construction administration, monitoring and inspection services on a wide variety of projects. Duties may include, but are not limited to:

  • Contractor supervision and representation of owner

  • Resident inspection in remote locations

  • Review of daily work logs

  • Verification of pay requests

  • Verification of delivery of goods, materials and supplies

H. Project Management

Provide oversight and guidance and reporting services as required by projects funded by USAID (United States Agency for International Development), including but not limited to:

  • General engineering and hydraulic studies

  • Analysis of GIS and other data sets

  • Project scoping

  • Technical document development and review

  • Report preparation and presentation

  • Preparation of construction documents including plans, specifications and bid packages, and estimates of probable cost


    DAI will not reimburse respondents for the costs incurred with preparing a response, nor does issuance of this EOI obligate DAI to award a subcontract or purchase order. If a Vendor is found to have made false or misleading claims or statements, obtains confidential information, or receives improper assistance, DAI reserves the right to reject an EOI submitted by or on behalf of a vendor.


    DAI may require a respondent to submit additional information in order to better judge a response.


    Responders are expected to write an explanation about how they can address each of these areas of interest by DAI, which will be used as a way to determine if Vendors shall be pre- qualified.

    • Confirmation of ability to provide one or more of services described above.

    • The vendor is registered and licensed in the host country to perform the work outlined


    • The vendor can prove they have the necessary financial resources to perform the


    • Illustrative CVs of individuals on staff, or available to the vendor, who can perform

      the scope of work.

    • Three past performance descriptions illustrating relevant experience delivering the

      required goods/services

    • 10 years of experience as a firm in the Middle East or North Africa providing services

      to municipal governments provincial governments or national ministries. Experience

EOI No. taqarib-Libya-2020-001 Page 3


in working with donor funded projects such as USAID, DFID, World Bank or others

is highly desirable.

  • At least 5 references from municipal governments in the Middle East or North Africa

    that can address prior successful services in the delivery of municipal engineering


  • iv. Experience engineering, designing, inspection and consultation in conflict and

    post conflict countries is highly desirable.


    Vendors must complete their responses, in English, following the specifications outlined below. The response format consists of three sections

    Section 1: Vendor Information

    Section Description Number


1.0 1.1

Cover Letter
Vendor Information: Company Name, Address and Phone Number, Form of Incorporation (corporation, partnership, NGO, etc.), Number in Years in Business, Number of Employees (full and part-time), Name of Managing Director, History of organization.

Section 2: Factors for Consideration
2.0 Responses to each of the factors for consideration stated above

Section 3 Client Reference:



Upon receipt and review of proposals, DAI will notify successful vendors, if any, who have been selected for pre-qualification.

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