Company name: Terre des Hommes Italy - Libya

City: Tripoli

Category name: Supplies /

Issued: 2020-10-20

Tender type: Free

Close Date: 2020-11-19

Cost: 0.00

Ref No.


Medical Supplies & Equipment for CERF-funded project; project title and code: “Supporting health institutions and communities respond to COVID-19 in Aljabal Algharbi, Azzawya, Misurata, and Tripoli.” LYB/IMPL/MM0223/2020

(internal code LIB2020CERF0001)



Terre des Hommes Italy – Delegation of Libya intends to award a supply contract for the supply and delivery of medical supplies and equipment in the framework of its humanitarian program funded by CERF. Procured items will be utilized to support health centers across Western Libya, with particular emphasis on supporting rapid response teams and isolation wards in the continued response to COVID-19 in Libya.


Bidding documents can be obtained by interested parties from:


Ms Jasmine Dahmani

Liaison Officer



Documents must be requested by 3/11/2020 at which point the full Tender Dossier will be provided to all interested parties.


As per TDH-It requirements detailed in the bidding package, any questions or request for clarifications shall be submitted by interested parties preparing a tender by 10/11/2020 and will be answered in writing by 11/11/2020.


Terre des Hommes Italy does not bind itself to award the tender to the lowest tender or any bid and reserves the right to accept the whole or part of the tender


The deadline for submission of tenders is 19/11/2020 at 11:59 pm (Tripoli time)


Note to Suppliers on Specific Procedures followed by Terre des Hommes Italy

Purchase of pharmaceutical products and medical equipment must respect international patent rules and the national laws on medicines in Libya;

·       The purchase of medicine must be based on the pre-qualification of pharmaceutical manufacturers who respect World Health Organisation guidelines.

·       The assignment criteria must give priority to medical equipment suppliers who comply with ISO 9001/En46001 or ISO 9002/EN46002 certifications. Priority must be given to suppliers who comply with the essential requirements provided for in Council directive 93/42/ECC of 14 June 1993. This list of international standards is neither exhaustive nor definitive. TDH-IT must however take account of every recognised international standard and update and revise those mentioned above.

·       Concerning drugs, pharmaceutical products and medical equipment and furnishing, where possible, we recommend the Qualified Suppliers List of EU (procurement center) that avoid the recourse to a negotiated procedure or to tender for qualifying the quality of the product.


Terre des hommes Italy reserves the right to cancel the tender award procedures when:


(a) the tender has not been successful, there have not been a qualitatively and/or financially suitable offer or no offers have been received;

(b) The project’s economic figures have fundamentally changed;

(c) exceptional causes beyond anyone’s control have made the contract’s completion impossible;

(d) when all the technically suitable offers exceed the financial resources available;

(e) when a series of irregularities has been discovered in the procedures that impede fair competition between the participants.


There are no circumstances in which Terre des hommes Italy can be held responsible for damages, of any kind (in particular loss of earnings) in relation to the tender’s cancellation, even if Terre des hommes Italy had been informed of possible damages. The tender notice’s publication does not commit Terre des hommes Italy to carrying out the announced project or programme.


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