Tender: Offer for a property in Gaied area - Sebha Center

Company name: Hasan Emhamed

City: Sabha

Category name: Other /

Issued: 2021-08-18

Tender type: Free

Close Date: 2021-09-30

Cost: 0.00

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Offer for a property in Gaied area - Sebha Center


Geographical description of the site:

The property's location has many strengths, on one hand it overlooks three streets, while on the other hand it is located in the Diplomatic area (Mahdia) in Sabha city center, it is also considered one of the most active areas in the city as well as the most vital as it combines the administrative, service and commercial centers within one geographical spot. The property is located next to the General Administration of Sebha University - Faculty of Medicine and Dental Surgery - Faculty of Medicine- Faculty of Science - Sabha Language Center - Sebha University Central Library - Sebha Administrative Complex - Sabha Municipal Council - Al-Rahma Clinic - Fezzan Clinic - Sabha University outpatient clinics - Radio Sabha – Almadar Company - Sabha Telecommunication company - some commercial banks, including the Aljamhouria Bank, Agricultural Bank and the National Commercial Bank.


Site description:

- The area of the site is 1,936 m2.

- The site overlooks three facades (asphalt roads), such as Ben Al- Jaddabi Street and Abdul Salam Al-Asmar Street, which overlooks the the General Administration of Sebha University building.

- The site is located within the scope of the official general plan approved for the city of Sebha.

- Water and sewage lines of the real estate are connected to the public water supply and public sewage networks.

- The site is provided with 2 power lines, one from the front (380 high voltage) and the other from the back side (220 volts).

- The residence can accommodate 24 offices, 2 meetings and training halls, as well as 3 bathrooms and large kitchen inclusive of its facilities.

- As for the parking garage, it can accommodate more than 30 cars, in addition to an external storage and a studio for Al Ghafir.

- Ground and rooftop water tank.

- Additional building with an area of 300 m2, which can be used as a large store, garage or additional 24 offices.


Surrounding roads leading to the site:

The site is located in the middle of multiple roads connections and junctions linking most of the state's public sectors and institutions in Sabha, for instance Ahmed Al-Sharif Street, 5 October Street and formerly Abu Minyar Street. They are all considered important paths that support the nature of any government or private sector activity at the aforementioned site.


Supply lines of communication via optical fibers close to the site: The most characteristic of the property is that it is very close to the optical fiber supply lines at the following distances:

- Fiber Optic Source from 5th October Street (160m)

- Fiber Optic Source from Ahmed Al Sharif Street (190m)

- Fiber Optic Source from Sabha Telecommunication company (215m)

- Fiber Optic Source from Almadar Company (325m)


With this, I am pleased and honored to have you make a site visit and to have a look at the components as mentioned.

Hassan Mahemmad

Tel: 0923333421


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