Tender: Provides responsive answers by best endeavor to all relevant Vendors & Suppliers.

Company name: Danish Refugee Council (DRC)

City: Tripoli

Category name: Other /

Issued: 2021-07-29

Tender type: Free

Close Date: 2021-08-11

Cost: 0.00

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Tender No:


Tender Title:

FWA for Shelter items (Shelter Rehabilitatio

Tender Issuing Date:


Tender Closing Date:




Danish Refugee Council ITB         has in reference to above tender period received the following questions


to the Tender, and hereby provides responsive answers by best endeavour to all relevant Vendors & Suppliers.



Enquiries to the Tender
























We are newly a established company has no record of previous experience. Therefore, we would appreciate if you could confirm that our offer will be evaluated against other items of vendor selection criteria and that previous work is not a must ?

As part of our responsibility we always look into the matter

of encouraging local and new business.

In the same way that we look into companies with previous experience, we also evaluate and balance potential new business that may be encouraged to promote economic value within our local communities.

We also place a two way cut for experience, either evaluate the external projects (i.e. other NGO's / Humanitarian projects) or internal project within DRC and the given percentage is usually 20% for this part of our evaluation.

We also intend to evaluate each offer received by the fixed criteria against other elements in the best way possible.















I would like to draw your attention that in

bidding, you requested the core business of the company to be aligned with scope, while the scope that requested in the bidding can not be under one company, because there is electric material, and construction material, NFI, Household items, workshop equipment, and furnishings. accordingly, and based on the latest classification done by the economic ministry, you need a to 3 or 4 companies with different core businesses. so as we are furniture company, has long experience with the construction and overall the supply. can we apply in this bidding or we will be considered as disqualified?

As DRC we are completely aware of the local proceedings

and always aim to be compliant with the local laws and regulation. With regards to the disqualification based on quoted items this will not be evaluated based on the applied total lots, but is usually reliant on the financial cost segregated by each lot separately. As for the specialty, we do as a matter of fact deal with companies in the form of "Group Companies" which have 4 or 5 licenses for different specialties under Legislation (23) Year 2010 - Commercial Activities . And we classify them as logistics companies on our registration platform. Furthermore, we intend in all fairness to evaluate offers received per Lot, price, and technical quality.



What is the estimated quantity per Release Order ?

About 20-40 items form majority of ITBs items



What is the estimated schedule for the RPO? Will it be on weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis?

Month to months and a half





origin Requirement

- do you have any specific origin

requirements ,or there is no any origin restriction and you accept any origin ?

If it is not stated on the technical specification for some specific items, thus any origin is accepted as long as other related technical specifications requested are met.





It states that DRC may choose to split the contract

award to more than one supplier ,is this meaning that split might be according to Lots or according to items ?


According to lots













***Technical Questions***

Ceramic tiles for walls Grade 2

Size 30cm x 25cm + 15% Color: white - Non-patterned


Size 30cm x 25cm is not available , based on the local market feed back , this measurement is old fashion and no longer available


Can we quote for 30cm x 60cm ?




We gave 15% +

Which means any dimensions within the given percentage is acceptable.

The suggested new dimensions is most likely for modern shelters.











***Technical Questions ***

Timber Posts Wood

5cm x 5cm x 350cm min

5cm x 5cm x 350cm min is not available! 6cm x 6 cm x 400 cm is available

7cm x 7 cm x 400 cm is available


Which type do you prefer ?




We mentioned that minimum dimension is 5cmx5cm x 350cm minimum which means both suggested dimensions will be accepted.


On behalf of DRC Yours sincerely,





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