Tender: provision of Car Diagnostics

Company name: The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

City: Tripoli

Category name: Other /

Issued: 2019-10-23

Tender type: Free

Close Date: 2019-11-11

Cost: 0.00

Ref No.



Employment promotion and economic development, Libya Bid Reference: 17.4103.2_Car Diagnostics

Within the framework of the Project “Employment promotion and economic development”, commissioned by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in partnership with the Ministry of Labor (MoL) in Libya, GIZ intends to improve the opportunities of Libyan youths to find employment.

Among other things, one sector with employment opportunities for young people is the automotive sector. We support our partners by procuring selected equipment. With the present consultation (tender) we search for a competent supplier, which is specialized in this field, to supply a complete solution for vehicle diagnosis (including software) of high quality.

Consulting firms should note and adhere to the following terms:

  • GIZ has the right to accept or reject any proposal even if it was the least price without providing any reasons.

  • If needed, hard copies of the TORs may be obtained from GIZ office located in Tripoli, Hay Al-Andalous, Tel. #: 091 370 5173.

  • Offers (technical and financial) shall be submitted in an electronic version not later than 11th of November 2019, 15.00 (Libya time) to the following email address: LY_Quotation@giz.de. The subject line of the email should indicate the following title: GIZ 17.4103.2_Car Diagnostics / 2019. Nonresponsive offers will not be considered.

  • Payments will be in EUR currency to the contractor’s bank abroad.

  • Bidders have to be registered in Libya and provide proof of this registration together with the offer.

Please note that your technical offer must contain the following documents and information:

  1. The characteristics of the equipment

(2)   Technical data sheets for the equipment

(3)   Certificates of conformity of the equipment

(4)   Certificates of guarantee of the equipment

(5)   Confirmation of after sales service


The incoming offers will be technically ranked on the basis of the "evaluation grid" which you can find in annex 1. Please note that annex 1 is only for your information. Please do not fill in or work with annex 1.

For your financial offer you are asked to use annex 2. Please note that the supplier has to have a foreign account (EUR).


Please send your technical and financial offer in English.


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