Tender: Provision of Disability Devices

Company name: Cesvi

City: Tripoli

Category name: Supplies /

Issued: 2021-04-23

Tender type: Free

Close Date: 2021-05-20

Cost: 0.00

Ref No.




Project Title:

Protection and lifesaving assistance for refugees and asylum seekers in Libya

Cesvi project Code:




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CESVI is an international NGO, with headquarters in Italy, operating in Libya. CESVI has received a grant from UNHCR for the implementation of a humanitarian aid operation.

The overall objective of the project is responding to the most compelling needs of 13,400 vulnerable Persons of Concerns through the provision of basic services and by strengthening existing community protection mechanisms.

With the present document, Cesvi is for the provision of Disability Devices

inviting interested companies to present quotations to the following Open Local Tender as indicated below:



Reference for full tender Specifications


and other details




Assistive Devices (AD) such as active/passive wheelchairs; crutches;

Detailed specifications are mentioned in


walking pods and frames; etc.

the tender dossier that can be


Daily Living Devices (DL) such as toilet chairs; food mixer; etc.

requested by email


cesvitenderlibya@cesvioverseas.org or




General Consumables (GC) such as bed sheets, medical kits; etc.


at Cesvi Country Office, located at Abu




Rehabilitation Items (RH) such as beds/tables; toys; bars; etc.

Khamisha Street, Abu Sitta, Tripoli,





















Tender Publication






Deadline to withdraw Tender Dossier






Deadline for request information by email






to cesvitenderlibya@cesvioverseas.org








Answering by email of FAQ






Deadline for submission of Tenders






Opening Session






Evaluation Session






Award Notification(s)





Terms & Conditions:

All national suppliers/firms/companies can collect the tender documents from Cesvi Country Office, located at Abu Khamisha Street,

Abu Sitta, Tripoli, Libya.

Tender documents can be collected from 12:00 Hrs of 22/04/2021 to 12:00 until 20/05/2021 local time. Tender dossier can be also requested and availed by contacting the following e-mail address: cesvitenderlibya@cesvioverseas.org


1.Tender Notice is also published on websites: libyantenders.ly.

2.Sealed tenders/bids must be submitted with 2 envelopes marked A (technical information) & B (financial offer). Bids submitted without all the asked documents and signing of Annex 15, may not be considered for further evaluation.

3.Sealed tenders must be submitted by 12:00 of 20th May 2021 at Cesvi Country Office (Abu Khamisha Street, Abu Sitta, Tripoli, Libya) and should be marked as “Not to be opened before 12:00 of 25th May 2021.

4.This deadline has to be considered as a fix term and CESVI will not accept any delay justification even if due to the post service. Any application received after this deadline will not be considered.

5.Electronic bidding is NOT ALLOWED, failure to take heed will automatically get a disqualification

6.Tenders opening session will be held in CESVI Libya, Abu Sitta, Abu Khamisha st 10.52.290 – Tripoli at 12:00 of 25th May 2021.

7.Tender evaluation session will be held at 12:00 of 25th May 2021 behind closed doors.

8.Tender Committee reserve the right to increase/decrease the quantity of supplies after award of tender to the tender winner.

9.Bidder must not be engaged in any corruption, fraudulent, collusive or coercive practices including but not limited to applying/bidding by multiple names/companies or submitting a fake call deposit/earnest money. If any bidder is found to be involved in such practices their bid will be rejected and the companies in question will be permanently black listed.

10.Lowest price will not be the sole criteria of selection. Quality of the goods; Delivery time; Experience; Technical and Professional capacity will also be considered in the selection of bids.

11.Tender Committee reserve the right to cancel/reject any or all bids/offers without assigning any reason.

12.Inquiries, request and questions about this tender can be made by email to cesvitenderlibya@cesvioverseas.org no later than [06/05/2021]


13.Questions raised & Answers will be communicated via email to all registered tenderers by the 13/05/2021. Inquiries by phone calls will not be entertained whatsoever.


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