Tender: Rehabilitation work Aboudallah Albaloug school in Tripoli

Company name: ACTED

City: Tripoli

Category name: Supplies / Construction /

Issued: 2021-06-16

Tender type: Free

Close Date: 2021-07-06

Cost: 0.00

Ref No.



Tender : T/14EJD/I87-QIP/TRIPOLI/SCHOOL/LOG/16062021

ACTED Tunisia/Libya is requesting through this National Call for Tender a company to provide detailed written quotations for the supply of the following works:


  1. Description: Rehabilitation et contruction of Aboudallah albaloug school in Tripoli
  2. Product class / category: Works
  3. Made in (product origin): Various


Lot no



Delivery point

Categor y

Delivery deadline









Rehabilitation et contruction of Aboudallah albaloug school in Tripoli

اعمال الهدم -أ works A.Demolishing

صيانة المطبخ والحمامات -:ب kitchen: and toilets of Maintenance B.

اعمال السيراميك والرخام -ت Marble and tiles Ceramic C-

والفواصل والنوافذ، األبواب - ث Partitions. and Windows, Doors, D.

االعمال الخارجية -ج works structure side E-Out

اعمال الدهان -خ works Painting F.

G.Structural Repairing (concrete slab & column) د- العالجات اإلنشائية

Rainwater and network, PPR External unit, H.Distillation .شبكة الصرف الصحي ومياه االمطار ووحدة التقطير -ذ network.

االعمال الكهربائية -ر Works: Electrical I.


Field visit possible - ACTED Staff 21th June- 28 June 2021

Accompanied with ACTED Tripoli Engineer







Aboudallah Albaloug school in Tripoli








/ Service s







Refer to instructions in bidders’ documents



    1. Terms of delivery: DDP Aboudallah Albaloug school in Tripoli – Souq jumma
    2. Date of delivery: not more than 75 days after contract signature
    3. Validity of the Offer: Four (4) Months from tender opening date (recommended)


The answers to this tender should include the following elements:


  • An original and one copy of the bid including all the services specifications and the price per unit (all taxes included) (compulsory)
  • Instructions to Bidders attached, filled, signed and stamped by the supplier on every page or on the last page (compulsory)
  • Offer Form with prices in USD attached, filled, signed and stamped by the supplier on every page or on the last page (compulsory)
  • Bidders Questionnaire Form is attached, filled, signed and stamped by the supplier on every page or on the last page (compulsory)
  • Bidder’s Ethical Declaration is attached, filled, signed and stamped by the supplier on every page or on the last page (compulsory)
  • ACTED Full General Conditions for Purchase (PRO-09.01) dully signed and stamped, as contractual terms governing the legal relationship between ACTED and the supplier (Compulsory).
  • List of previous contracts with similar works
  • List of assets the company owns
  • List of assets the company will rent for this contract
  • Organigram of the company
  • A workplan detailed with the different phases
  • A catalogue and technical specifications of the products or if there are different options, a sample of each option might have to be submitted after pre-selection;
  • A Copy of the ID of the company’s legal representative
  • A valid copy of Company registration documents and license
  • Kind reminder that the Bidding documents must be filled in English.


For field visit please contact Mr Mohamed Awidan the QIP engineer through

o Phone number 00218910930934

For field visit please contact Project manager through

o Phone number 00218925276909





  1. The Bidding Documents (in English) may be collected free of charge by all interested bidders at the following addresses or can be downladed directly from https://libyaninvestment.com/

ACTED Capital Office: Immeuble Nour, Rue du Corail – Office A1-1, 1st floor ,1053- Les berges du Lac 2 –Tunis

ACTED Area office in Tripoli: Wessayat Al Baderi Ansar Street Tripoli Libya

  1. The closing date of this tender is fixed on 6/07/2021 at 5.00PM (Libyan local time) to be submitted by email to libya.tender@aced.org Cc tender@acted.org with the mention T/14EJD/I87- QIP/TRIPOLI/SCHOOL/LOG/16062021- Not to be opened before 6/07/2021 as the subject of the email.
  2. Bidders are requested to fill in, sign, stamp and return all pages of Instructions to bidders, Offer Form, bidder’s questionnaire, Ethical Declaration and bidder’s checklist
  1. Tenderers will sign and return all pages of the Product Specifications for which they apply.
  2. The tender opening session is fixed on July 8th 2021 on zoom application
  3. The offer to the call for tender will not result in the award of a contract.
  4. Unsealed envelope and late offers will not be considered.
  5. The presence of Corrective Ink on the Offer Form will lead to the ineligibility of the offer.
  6. ACTED will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by the Bidders in connection with the preparation and submission of the bids to ACTED
  7. ACTED reserves the right to cancel certain works depending on available funding and donor requirements.
  8. To ensure that funds are used exclusively for humanitarian purposes and in accordance with donors’ compliance requirements, all contract offers are subject to the condition that contractors do not appear on anti- terrorism lists, in line with ACTED’s anti-terrorism policy. To this end, ACTED reserves the right to carry out anti-terrorism checks on contractor, its board members, staff, volunteers, consultants, financial service providers and sub-contractor.



  1. The offers must be submitted in English and prices must be expressed in USD Including and Excluding VAT.
  2. Prices should include delivery costs to required locations.
  3. A copy of the legal representative ID has to be provided with the tender documents.
  4. All suppliers will receive a written notice after the selection process either a rejection notice if their offer hasn’t

been preselected, or a preselection notice in case their offer has been preselected

  1. The bank account of the company has to be in the name of the company with a Libyan or Tunisian bank




- Method:

    1. Suppliers will be first ranked by price from the cheapest to the more expensive.
    2. Pass/fail: ranked by price, the suppliers will be technically reviewed following a pass/fail method. For each criterion, it will be stated whether the offer or the supplier matches ACTED requirements and expectations (PASS) or does not (FAIL). The cheapest supplier to pass all technical criteria for each batch will be awarded a contract.


- Technical criteria






The Company/individual can provide proof of past experience for similar services, preferably with International NGOs (references will be cross-

checked at selection stage)

The Company/individual cannot provide any proof of past experience;

The past experience provides testimony of bad past experience

Delivery Time

Suppliers provided a workplan detailed with delivery deadline which match with ACTED’s requirements

Suppliers didn’t provide a workplan or the time

needed to effectuate the works is too long.


Compliance with ACTED payment terms and conditions

Suppliers didn’t send all the required documents and didn’t’ match with ACTED requirements


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