Tender: Request for Expression of Interest (REI)_MIDAS_SolarSystem

Company name: International Organization for Migration (IOM)

City: Tripoli

Category name: Supplies /

Issued: 2020-08-12

Tender type: Free

Close Date: 2020-08-27

Cost: 0.00

Ref No.


Request for Expression of Interest

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is an intergovernmental humanitarian organization established in 1951 and is committed to the principle that humane and orderly migration benefits both migrants and society.

In the framework of MIDAS Border Control Projects, IOM now invites Expression of Interest from Companies/Service Providers for the following services and works:

a)Assessment, Study and Design of Two (2) Hybrid Solar Power System Requirements in Ras Jdir and Wazen Border Control Points.

b)Build/Construction of Two (2) Hybrid Solar Power System Requirements in Ras Jdir and Wazen Border Control Points – based on the approved study/design.

Please refer to Annex 1-Solar Power Requirements Technical Guidelines for more technical details.

This document contains instructions on the preparation and submission of the Application including Annex A: Bidder’s Information.

1.The Application must be submitted electronically though e-mail to iomlibyaproc@iom.int copying gpcostes@iom.int no later than 27 August 2020 at 17.00 Hours. Late Application will not be considered.

2.A detailed description must be provided on how the requirements specified in this document match the capability, experience, knowledge and expertise of the Company/ Service Provider.

3.The Application e-mail subject should be “Application – LY20-101 – Company Name” and e-mail size should be less than 10Mb as IOM servers will reject any email above 10Mb. In case if the size of email is more, files can be shared through electronic file sharing websites or with multiple email.

4.The Application must be submitted in the English language and in the format prescribed by IOM. All required information must be provided, responding clearly and concisely to all the points set out. Any application which does not fully and comprehensively address this Request for Expression of Interest may be rejected.

5.The Application document should comprise of the following:

a.Cover Letter;

b.A copy of this Request for Expression of Interest duly signed on all pages by the Company/Service Provider’s Authorized Representative; and

c.Duly Accomplished Annex A with All requested information.

6.Companies/Service Providers requiring any clarifications on the content of this document may notify the IOM in writing at the following email address: iomlibyaproc@iom.int and


Ref# LY20-101

gpcostes@iom.int. IOM will respond to any request for clarification received on or before 25 August 2020 at 17.00 hours.

7.Applications shall be evaluated in accordance with the following criteria:

a.Technical Capacity to do;

i.Assessment, Study and Design of 2 Hybrid Solar Power Systems

ii.Build/Construction of 2 Hybrid Solar Power Systems

b.Track Record and Experience in Designing and Installing Hybrid Solar Power System

c.Technical Expertise in Solar Energy

d.Financial Strength

Only eligible and qualified Companies based on above shall be invited to participate in the bidding/tender process.

8.Applications may be modified or withdrawn in writing, prior to the closing time specified in this Request for EoI. Applications shall not be modified or withdrawn after the deadline.

9.The Company/Service Provider shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of the Application and IOM will not in any case be responsible and liable for the costs incurred.

10.All information given in writing to or verbally shared with the Company/Service Provider in connection with this Request for EoI is to be treated as strictly confidential. The Company/Service Provider shall not share or invoke such information to any third party without the prior written approval of IOM. This obligation shall continue after the procurement process has been completed whether or not the Company/Service Provider is successful.

11.IOM reserves the right to accept or reject any Application, and to cancel the procurement process and reject all Applications, at any time without thereby incurring any liability to the affected Companies/Service Providers or any obligation to inform the affected Companies/Service Providers of the ground for IOM’s action.

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