Tender: RFI regarding Libya qualitative and quantitative data and research products, site visits and activity monitoring

Company name: Libya Transition Initiative 3

City: Tripoli

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Issued: 2019-08-25

Tender type: Free

Close Date: 2019-10-01

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Request for Information (RFI)

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RFI regarding Libya ualitative and quantitative data and research


products, site visits and activity monitoring

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LTI3 Team, [email protected]

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The Libya Transition Initiative (LTI) 3 project is a 3-year task order under the SWIFT IV IQC with a ceiling of $109 million. LTI 3 aims to support credible, responsive, and participatory governance at local and national levels. LTI3 supports Libyan efforts to strengthen the foundations for a sustainable peace in Libya by engaging with national ministries, municipal councils, sub-municipal councils, civil society organizations, youth, media outlets, and other Libyan partners to increase civic engagement and strengthen political processes. LTI 3 works to implement quick-impact projects with tangible benefits that strengthen bonds, build trust, and foster linkages between national and local government entities, and their communities. Finally, LTI 3 strengthens transitional processes in Libya by providing support to institutional processes, providing assistance to a broad range of groups and individuals to participate, and supporting community-level conflict management initiatives.

LTI 3 is soliciting information regarding potential suppliers’ capabilities to create qualitative and quantitative data and research products on Libya, including surveys, key informant interviews, focus groups, local market data, and site visits to locations where LTI 3 is implementing activities for monitoring and evaluation purposes. Such products will allow the project to identify programming opportunities, assess impact of interventions and establish an additional layer of activity oversight through independent site visits for output verification. Firms capable of only providing a portion of the above services (e.g. monitoring and pricing data but not quantitative and qualitative research) are still encouraged to submit an expression of interest.

The purpose of this RFI is to identify potential suppliers and collect information from interested organizations regarding their capacity to provide these materials and services.

Interested organizations are invited to submit information in response to this RFI. Issuance of this request does not in any way obligate LTI 3 to award a contract, nor does it commit LTI 3 to pay for costs incurred in the submission of an expression of interest. By issuing this RFI, LTI 3 does not express an intent, commitment, or promise to purchase any supplies or services. Responses to this RFI will not be considered by LTI 3 as offers to enter into a contract; this RFI is for information collection purposes only.



Response submission: All responses to this RFI must be received via email no later than Expressions of Interest must be emailed to [email protected]Please include the RFI number (FRAP003-001) in the title of your response.

Required informationSection 3 below provides details on the information that should be included in any response to this RFI. Please note that organizations are not required to submit responses to all questions, however interested parties are encouraged to submit as much information as possible.


Via this RFI, LTI 3 requests responses to the following:

The following information should be included in any RFI response:

Organization Name

Organization Address

Organization Website (if available)

Name of Organization Point of Contact (POC)

POC Title

POC Email Address

POC Phone Number

Can your organization provide all or some of the following: qualitative and quantitative data and research products on Libya, including surveys, key informant interviews, focus groups, market data reports, local atmospherics reports, and/or activity site visits? Please provide detailed information on your capabilities to provide the above services, including the topics/scopes of any research studies undertaken in Libya and the methodologies employed.

Please provide a brief description of similar services/commodities your organization has provided in past, including dates of the work and references.


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