Tender: RFP for Playground Equipment Benches and Trash Receptacle(

Company name: DAI Global

City: Tripoli

Category name: Other /

Issued: 2021-10-21

Tender type: Free

Close Date: 2021-11-11

Cost: 0.00

Ref No.
#.No.Taqarib.Libya - 2021-046



RFP NO. taqarib-Libya-2021-046

Issue Date

October 21, 2021


Supply and Deliver Playground Equipment, Benches and Trash Receptacles

Issuing Office & Email Address for Submission of Proposals

Libya LGCS Procurement Department

Submit proposals to: LGCSProcurementINBOX@dai.com

Bidder’s Conference

A Pre-Proposal Bidders’ Conference is scheduled for November 1, 2021at 11:00 AM Libya Time through Zoom. Information of interest to all prospective Offerors will be presented. While attendance at the pre-proposal conference is not mandatory, all interested prospective suppliers are encouraged to attend in order to prepare acceptable proposals. Questions asked at the Pre- Proposal Bidder’s Conference, that would benefit all bidders, shall be provided in an amendment to the RFP. Prospective Offerors must submit a request to attend the Bidder’s conference via ProcurementLGCS@dai.com by October 31, 2021 at 2:00 PM

Libya Time, to receive log-in details of the conference.

Deadline for Receipt of Questions

November 4, 2021 at 2:00 PM Libya Time

Deadline for Receipt of Proposals

November 11, 2021 at 11:59 PM Libya Time


Point of Contact


Anticipated Award Type

DAI anticipates awarding 1 or more Firm Fixed Price Purchase Orders.

Issuance of this RFP in no way obligates DAI to award a Purchase Order and offerors will not be reimbursed for any costs associated with the preparation of their bid.

Basis for Award

Awards will be made based on the Trade Off Method. The award will be issued to the responsible and reasonable offeror who provides the best value to DAI and its client using a combination of technical and price factors.


Amendment No. 1 to

Request for Proposal RFP No. taqarib-Libya-2021-046 - Playground Equipment, Benches and Trash Receptables


RFP Issuance Date: October 21, 2021


Amendment 1 Issuance Date: November 2, 2021


This Amendment is issued to:


1- To clarify questions submitted during the Bidders Conference



The details of the amendment are as follows:


1. Answers to Questions


Question # 1:

Is installation required for the proposals offered by vendors?



Answer # 1:

No installation is required by vendors submitting their proposals. However, the bidders shall confirm their ability to train beneficiaries receiving the equipment. Bidders shall provide manuals for Municipalities to assemble the items for available languages in English and Arabic.


Question # 2:

A vendor indicted during the meeting, delivery time for goods as 2 weeks

or less in the RFP046, which is considered as not enough time to provide the items as per vendor response.



Answer # 2:

The delivery time for goods is not mentioned in the RFP-046, and all offerors must present their delivery timeline, as it will be one of the Three

(3) factors to be evaluated upon and given 30 points, that is a combination for both Production and Delivery timeline as stated in Delivery Schedule in Attachment D.


Question # 3:

How many municipalities will receive the playground equipment and will there be extra costs for delivery to municipalities, customs clearance and taxes to be aware of.




Answer # 3:

DAI/ Taqarib will target 10 municipalities for this procurement, we cannot disclose this information with bidders at this stage. The vendors will be required to present offers for delivery to our warehouse in Tripoli Libya.

In the RFP-046, its clearly indicated all costs in the Price Schedule Attachment A: should include all costs related to shipping, transportation, and delivery in addition to any clearance costs in accordance with Libya regulations. Delivery of Playground equipment will only be required to DAI/ Taqarib warehouse in Tripoli, Libya and not targeted municipalities.


Question # 4:

Does DAI/ Taqarib accept to pay in advance or in LC banking method.

And what is the payment currency?



Answer # 4:

DAI/ Taqarib will only pay the awarded vendor after the receiving of goods based on the contractual basis of the Purchase Order signed by both parties. DAI/ Taqarib doesn’t use the method of Letter of Credit for payment/ award basis with any winning vendor. The proposal

offered must be in USD and payment will be in accordance to the accepted and awarded offer.


Question # 5:

Are there any restrictions regarding the origin of the goods.


Answer # 5:

In the RFP-046, under the point 7, Compliance with Terms and Conditions, the source and nationality of goods restrictions are listed as per countries prohibited and sanctioned countries such as Syria, Cuba, Iran,

North Korea and Sudan.


Question # 6:

Can goods be delivered partially to DAI/ Taqarib warehouse?


Answer # 6:

Goods can be delivered partially if they fall during the period given in their proposal and not exceed beyond agreed delivery timeline as per awarded Purchase Order.

Question # 7:

Does DAI/ Taqarib accept to pay in advance or in LC banking method. When will the vendor be paid?



Answer # 7:

DAI/ Taqarib will only pay the awarded vendor after the receiving of goods based on the contractual basis of the Purchase Order signed by both parties. DAI/ Taqarib doesn’t use the method of Letter of Credit for payment/ award basis with any winning vendor. The awarded vendor is paid only after delivery, inspection and acceptance of goods at DAI/

Taqarib Warehouse.

Question # 8:

Regarding the specifications of the items is it compulsory to abide to the specifications?



Answer # 8:

DAI/ Taqarib evaluation will be determine based on the offers received and the offer which best meets the minimum requirements will be accepted, a slight variations may be accepted in terms of measurements, however concerning the material manufacturing will be only accepted as per mentioned in the RFP specifications.

Question # 9:

If the vendor doesn’t have a company bank account will it be possible for transfer to be completed?


Answer # 9:

For payments to be transferred to the awarded company they shall provide

and include the bank transfer details in their proposal and given authorization for transfer on behalf of the company.

DAI/ Taqarib participants insisted on the below points to be considered by the vendors interested in submitting their proposals:


1)   The pictures included in the RFP are only used only for example and vendor are must provide item catalogue or specifications datasheet based on the goods provided in their proposed

items. Do not copy picture of the RFP items and DAI/ Taqarib encourages offerors to present their item catalogue.


2)   Warranty importance in offers to be One (1) year or more.


3)   To indicate in Targeted Age Groups from 18 months up to 12 years in each of their line item, except for the trash receptacles and park benches.




Except as provided herein, all other terms and conditions of the basic RFP remains unchanged

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