Tender: RFQ 21TIP030 for Provision of Business and Vocational Training – Q/A

Company name: Danish Refugee Council (DRC)

City: Tripoli

Category name: Supplies / Other /

Issued: 2021-05-18

Tender type: Free

Close Date: 2021-05-24

Cost: 0.00

Ref No.
#RFQ 21TIP030


Business Skills Training :
1 - is the 200 beneficiaries will be the same for each component? or each component will have Different participants?
PS: we have training for entrepreneurs which contains all the training component mentioned in your Business Skills Training –
The list of trainings in tender document has been indicative list of possible business skills trainings that might be needed for participants to start and/or sustain their businesses. Actual list of trainings to be provided for each participant will be identified based on needs of each business. Therefore, 200 is total expected number of participants and each participant will be enrolled on average 4-5 modules maximum, which means not all modules will be provided for 200 participants.

2 - you mention 2 finance training one for 8 H and the other for 16 H, what is the deferent between the two training?
Both modules refers to same content, indicating minimum and maximum durations estimated for such training.

Vocational Skills Course

•             General Cooking Course
we have 5 courses related to this field; can you specify what types of food you are targeting?
our courses are (hot drinks and Juices, cacks, chocolate, healthy food, and fast food)
General cooking course aims to improve skills of participants on primary skills to cook effectively (using the cooking equipment ,how to use and integrate ingredients, basic hygiene rules for cooking etc.) and generally type of food targeted is basic cuisine in relevant context. However proposed curriculums and methodologies are part of technical evaluation and DRC does not require standard or specific curriculum/content for any modules. The proposed contents shall be submitted along with justification of the need and preference.

•             Cooking for Traditional Food
what types of Libyan traditional food you are targeting? we have a course for Bakalawa and Magrood which is Libyan traditional sweets.
Baklawa and Magrood have been one of highly demanded ones based on our assessments so far, the module, depending on suggested duration, is expected to target few of selected products (e.i if traditional deserts are proposed to have 2-3 types included in the module). The content will depend on the capacity of provider to deliver training which will be part of technical evaluation by DRC.

•             Sewing and Design of Traditional Clothes
our graduates from the general sewing training, can sewing Libyan Traditional Clothes.
what are the criteria to select participants for this course?
because if we design a specific curriculum for this course the participants should pass the general sewing course or have prevised experience in sewing –
the participants of this course are expected to be specializing on traditional clothes (hence having either some experience or technical training in general sewing). In case your general sewing course contains traditional clothes as well, you may kindly specify this in the proposal or adjust existing curriculum accordingly.

General questions:

•             what do you mean by a mix of beneficiaries? is the training just for Libyan, or it will be for migrants and refugees?  
It is estimated that most of participants (beneficiaries) will be Libyans. However DRC aims at enrolling non-Libyan groups (the ones registered with work permits) for business skills trainings where relevant and possible as per legal regulations in the county.
•             you mention that the training courses will be in Arabic. what if we have migrants and refugees participating in the training?
Additional Translation support by DRC will be considered for such cases depending on need.
•             who will be responsible for the registration and the follow-up with the participants?
DRC is responsible for selection of beneficiaries. Service provider will be expected to follow up attendance and registration of beneficiaries. DRC will provide relevant templates to be used by service provider for follow ups.

•             if PwDs attends one of the courses who will be responsible to pay the translator fees(Sign language)?
DRC will be responsible for such additional cost once needed.

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