Tender: RFQ 21TIP030 for Provision of Business and Vocational Training - Questions/Answers- Last part

Company name: Danish Refugee Council (DRC)

City: Libya

Category name: Other /

Issued: 2021-05-20

Tender type: Free

Close Date: 2021-05-24

Cost: 0.00

Ref No.
#RFQ 21TIP030


Please Note that we no longer accept Questions .Thanks for your understanding

Will the training be in more than one Libyan city?-
Trainings will be conducted in Tripoli only.
- Will the training be for employees or job seekers?-
Trainings will be primarily targeting people who wants to start their own business (home based small business, business start up) or scale-up/expand their existing business. However Vocational skills trainings may target job seekers as well.
- Do the training programs require accreditation by the Libyan Ministry of Labor?
Accreditation for training modules/certification by Ministry of Labour is not a requirement but strong asset.
- you talking about traditional cooking and clothes, do you have a specific set of objectives for these training programs?
Traditional cooking aims at improving cooking skills for targeted groups in more specialized type of food products (traditional desserts, seasonal food products etc.) which have high marketing potential. Similar expectation applies for traditional clothes course. It is expected to provide beneficiaries more focused and specialized skills rather than general sewing course.
- For vocational training, it is natural that it contains the theoretical and practical parts of the proposed programs, Will the training costs include the value of the operational equipment?
The bidders are expected to reflect all possible cost incurring from modality of provision of courses, including practical sessions, in their financial proposal.
- Will these programs include providing trainees who pass these programs any equipment to work with later?
There are two type of trainings requested as part of this tender, business skills trainings and vocational skills trainings. DRC implements a business support program which includes provision of business grants and productive asset support. The trainings requested in this tender aims at providing relevant technical support for beneficiaries of business support program, thus trainees will have chance to access business grant opportunities based on selection criteria and system that DRC has in place.
- Regarding the general training programs, do you have any goals expected to be achieved from these training programs? to work within their scope when designing the training program?
Please clarify what is meant by general training programs. In case you are referring to business skills trainings, the overall objective is to support beneficiaries of DRC business support program with technical skills required to start and sustain a successful business. The training list has been indicative and it is expected to enrol trainees based on the needs identified during their engagement with business support program.

- Will the 200 participants receive all the ten subjects of business skills from number 1 to number 10, this needs at least 4 week training at least 4 hours per day, or these 200 will be divided in different business subjects say each participant will receive training only on 5 or 6 business skills? -
The training modules will be matched with needs of each participants identified during business support program, therefore this tender has been opened to contract a service provider through framework agreement to have relevant flexibility. It is expected that 200 participants will be receiving different type of modules, 4-6 max per participant.

For vocational training, there are nine fields each one is with 40 participants in equal the total number is 360 participants which means not all of them will receive the 10 business skills training, am I right?-
The trainees for business skills trainings and vocational skills trainings are separate. For vocational skills trainings, 40 is max number of trainees to be enrolled for each module in case DRC decides to open this module based on needs identified. DRC seeks to sign a framework agreement with selected provider for provision of listed courses, however it does not mean 360 participants will benefit from vocational skills program or all listed courses will be opened.  Depending on needs identified DRC will select most relevant modules out of courses listed, for any course to be opened max number of trainees would be 40, however DRC may not open all courses listed.

My question is that is this RFQ open for training organisations or just for individuals?
It is open for applications from organizations provide relevant services as well as training centers.

The ToR states that number of hours shouldn’t exceed 5 per day inclusive of coffee, tea and water in each session. In such period of time a light meal should be provided to sustain the trainees energy. Will DRC provide this ?. If the answer is no , we would recommend adding a light meal not to negatively impact the focus levels, as well as the satisfaction of the participants.
The durations and training plan (daily durations) will depend on existing curriculums of centers participating in tender process hence your technical and financial proposal. It has been considered by DRC that lunch service would be required for daily duration exceeding 5 hours and since that has been identified as maximum limit, refreshment would suffice. Depending on your daily duration, you may consider increasing refreshment amount in your financial proposal and clarify this in methodology and approach.

According to the ToR, the number of participants in each group is 20. For us to be able to provide you with an accurate financial quote, it is important for us to understand whether we are going to invoice a fixed value based on 20 participants regardless of the absence rate ? or actual trainees attendance ?. For example if the charge per head is USD 10 for 20 participants and the actual attendance is 15 , are we going to charge based on actual attendance of $150 ? or the full amount per group of $ 200 ?. This information will impact the quote we will provide.
We request a fixed rate that would include all associated costs per beneficiary per course regardless of absence rate throughout duration.

Financial Information :
could we provide you with information on our external bank account in Tunisia, or the account must be exclusively in Libya?
Yes as far as its same name of company that we will contract

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