Tender: RFQ for Medical supplies for outreach medical team's operations

Company name: International Organization for Migration (IOM)

City: Tripoli

Category name: Supplies / Other /

Issued: 2021-09-23

Tender type: Free

Close Date: 2021-09-30

Cost: 0.00

Ref No.
#: LY21-237


Project Name : Medical supplies for outreach medical team's operations

Tender Reference : LY21-237

Offers sent by email to : iomlibyaproposal@iom.int   

Dead Line : 30 SEP 2021




Download the Attachement 


you are invited to submit your best quotation for the items listed below in USD currency and delivery in Tripoli.


** Please Do not send offers to this Email , send your offer to iomlibyaproposal@iom.int   **



Important information to Vendors and suppliers:


- All Medicines must have min 18 Months Shelf life, expiration date must exceed 18 months at the date of delivery.

- Delivery location will be at Tripoli City.

- All prices should include transportation, packing and labeling costs.

- Eligible Interested vendors and suppliers who will pass the shortlist will be asked to present a physical sample delivered to IOM-Libya office (Hal Alkuwait , Janzour).




  • Offer must be in USD currency.
  • Price to be quoted in DAP Tripoli and  must be valid at least within sixty (45) calendar days from the date of quotation.
  • Please state your delivery time in your offer.
  • Signed and stamped offer.
  • Please make sure to read the terms and condition of payment attached, sending your offer to us considered as agreeing and accepting all terms and conditions.
  •  يجب ان يكون العرض المقدم من قبلكم بالدولار الامريكي
  • ان تكون الاسعار المقدمة من قبلكم صالحة لغاية ثلاثون يوما (45 يوما) 
  • نرجو منكم ذكر الزمن الازم لتوفير الطلبية من خلال العرض المالي المقدم
  • ان يكون العرض المقدم موقع و مختوم رسميا من قبلكم
  • يرجي القرائة و الموافقة علي شروط الدفع جيدا المرفقة في هذا الطلب  قبل ارسال العرض المالي ,  حيث ان ارسال العرض يعتبر الموافقة الكاملة علي هذه الشروط


Please send your offer not later than 30)th SEP 2021الرجاء ارسال العروض في موعد اقصاه (

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