Tender: Amendment No. 1 to Request for Quotation RFQ No. taqarib-Libya-2021-054 - Supply and Delivery of Paint for Road Marking

Company name: DAI Global

City: Tripoli

Category name: Supplies / Other /

Issued: 2021-09-30

Tender type: Free

Close Date: 2021-10-20

Cost: 0.00

Ref No.
#No. taqarib-Libya-2021-054




Amendment No. 1 to

Request for Quotation RFQ No. taqarib-Libya-2021-054 - Supply and Delivery of Paint for Road Marking


RFQ Issuance Date: September 30, 2021


Amendment 1 Issuance Date: October 11, 2021


This Amendment is issued to:


1.      Extend the deadline for quotations; and

2.      Respond to the questions and clarifications received.


The details of the amendment are as follows:


1.      Extend the deadline for quotations to October 20, 2021, at 23:59 Libya time on Page 2, Section 6 and Page 3, section 10 of the Request for Quotation.

2.      Clarify questions received below:







Question # 1:

We have noticed that you requested 2 weeks or better for delivery, I just want to draw your attention to the fact that Road marking paint is usually manufactured on request is not type of paint is kept in stock.

For our Hempel products (Portugal origin) we time schedule the delivery as follow: 1- 6-8 weeks for manufacturing and delivery.

2- custom clearance 1 week after offloading from ship.


Although, delivery is very unreliable due to recent Corona pandemic. The 20,000 Kg would need 2 * 40 ft containers to ship.

Would this be suitable for DAI/ Taqarib?

Answer # 1:

Delivery timeline is critical and quickest delivery is required (2 weeks or better). Items already in Libya are preferred as stated clearly in RFQ

Question # 2:

Does DAI/ Taqarib accept Packaging Size of 20 Kg as long the total quantity will be the same of total 10,000 kg for each color?

Answer # 2:

Yes, 20 Kg packaging size is accepted as long as the total quantity in the offer is not affected.



Question # 3:

Some of the points in specifications given in the RFQ mentioned above are applicable to thermoplastic powder paint, such as softening point 101 degrees centigrade which can’t be applied to liquid paint , density 2.1g/cm3 is also applicable for thermoplastic paint as well, luminance factor 85 lux and 56 for white and yellow will be applicable if we use glass beads

with thermoplastic , so we can’t cope with specification if you need liquid paint. Liquid paint is not long lasting as thermoplastic paints.

Answer # 3:

Please disregard the points in the specification that refers to the thermoplastic powder paint or to the use of the glass beads (Density,Softening Point and Luminance Factor)



Except as provided herein, all other terms and conditions of the basic RFQ remains unchanged





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Libya Local Governance and Civil Society (LGCS)/Taqarib Activity


Request For Quotations (RFQ) No. taqarib-Libya -2021-054

Title: Supply and Delivery Paint for Road Marking


Issue Date: September 30, 2021


WARNING: Prospective Offerors who have received this document from a source other than the Libya Local Governance and Civil Society (LGCS)/Taqarib Activity (ProcurementLGCS@dai.com), should immediately contact ProcurementLGCS@dai.com and provide their name and mailing address in order that amendments to the RFQ or other communications can be sent directly to them. Any prospective Offeror who fails to register their interest assumes complete responsibility in the event that they do not receive communications prior to the closing date. Any amendments to this solicitation will be issued via email and/or posted at the original posting site.



DAI conducts business under the strictest ethical standards to assure fairness in competition, reasonable prices and successful performance or delivery of quality goods and equipment. DAI does not tolerate corruption, bribery, collusion or conflicts of interest. Any requests for payment or favors by DAI employees should be reported as soon as possible to ethics@dai.com or by visiting www.dai.ethicspoint.com. Further, any attempts by an offeror or subcontractor to offer inducements to a DAI employee to influence a decision will not be tolerated and will be grounds for disqualification, termination and possible debarment. See provision No. 21 for more details.

No. taqarib-Libya-2021-054




1.    Synopsis of the Request for Quotation

DAI, implementer of the USAID funded Libya Local Governance and Civil Society (LGCS)/Taqarib Activity, invites qualified vendors to submit quotations/bids to supply and deliver paint for road marking as outlined below.


1. RFQ No.

taqarib-Libya -2021-054

2. Issue Date

September 30, 2021

3. Title

Supply and Delivery Paint for Road Marking

4. Issuing Office & Email for Submission of Quotations

LGCS Libya office

Quotations to be emailed to: LGCSProcurementINBOX@dai.com

5. Deadline for Receipt of Questions

Questions are due to the following email, no later than 14:00 Libya time on October 7, 2021 - ProcurementLGCS@dai.com

6. Deadline for Receipt of Quotes

The deadline for receiving quotations is no later than 23:59 Libya time on October 13, 2021

7. Contact Person

Email: ProcurementLGCS@dai.com

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