Tender: Generator to Naqir Knemma Water Well in Qatrun

Company name: International Organization for Migration (IOM)

City: Qatrun

Category name: Other /

Issued: 2021-10-14

Tender type: Free

Close Date: 2021-10-20

Cost: 0.00

Ref No.
#RFQ LY21-255


Project Name: ___ Generator to Naqir Knemma Water Well


Dear Mr./Ms. _____________ Please submit your best quotation in USD currency, for the items listed below:


- All prices to be quoted must be USD and valid at least Forty-Five (45) calendar days from the date of quotation. - All bids should include Supply, delivery and installation of the items.

- All item sample pictures should be preferably shared along with the clear brand and model details. - Delivery Location: Naqir Knemma, Qatrun, Libya - Quotation e-mail subject should be “ LY21-255 ‘Company Name’ “ for easy tracking.

Emails that has not reference number may not be considered for evaluation. GPSU.SF-19.1 Kindly send an electronic copy of your duly signed quotation via email at iomlibyaproposal@iom.int on

or before 20 Oct 2021.

Very truly yours, ________________________

Procurement Staff/Focal Point IOM is encouraging companies to use recycled materials or materials coming from sustainable resources or produced using a technology that has lower ecological footprints.

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