Tender: Spare parts for Wastewater trucks

Company name: International Organization for Migration (IOM)

City: Sabha

Category name: Supplies /

Issued: 2019-05-06

Tender type: Free

Close Date: 2019-05-09

Cost: 0.00

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International Organization for Migration (IOM)


Community Stabilization Project (CS)




IOM Community Stabilization project in Sabha will support the General water and wastewater company of Sabha (GWWC) with spare parts for 5 non-working trucks.




The below a list for needed spare parts for 5 trucks in Sabha, send us a detailed offer matches the below list of specs, considering the following terms at your offer, otherwise, it'll be disregarded:

-Offer must be detailed with pictures for spare parts


-Must be in the English language


-Must be in USD currency


-Must be fully detailed (Company contact numbers, emails, and address)


-Must be signed and stamped


-Must have a valid duration, at least 45 calendar days


-Must clarify the delivery duration and Warranty to the spare-parts.




Last day for submitting offers is Wed May 1st.


Last day for submitting offers was extended to Thursday, May the 9th.
No. Description Unit Measure Qty.
1 Portable Air compressor 300L - FIAC - ITALY Includes delivery to GWWC Sabha workshop premises Pcs 1
2 Diesel Filter - IVECO 380 Truck (190T83H) Pcs 1
3 Electric feeding up "Dynamo" - ASTRA Truck - (4231) Pcs 2
4 Electric feeding up "Dynamo" - IVECO 380 Truck - (6442) Pcs 1
5 Electric starter motor - ASTRA Truck (4231) Pcs 1
6 Electric starter motor - IVECO 380 Truck - (190T83H) Pcs 1
7 Diesel filtering pump: IVECO Plated Fuel Dispenser
10-micron water/dust filter, Panther 56, Diesel Transfer Pump
Incorporated Bypass Valve, Flow rate: 50-75ltr per min, 6m Delivery Hose
Pcs 1
8 Portable Air Operated Greasing pump - 40KG Pcs 1
9 Plunger Pump  - Pratissoli HF25A Series Pcs 2
1 Insufflation tube for sewer cleaner truck, diam 0.75 Inch, 50m Roll 1
11 Flushing hose - 75m, Pressure=250Bar Roll 5
12 Sewage pump (JUROP PNR-124) Pcs 2
14 Sewage suction tube Diam=4 inches, 4Pcs 3M each Set 4
15 Stopcock 4 inch - Made from Copper Pcs 4
16 Tires - Size 315/80 R 22.5 - SPEED Limit Q to S - MICHELIN  Pcs 48
17 Truck Battery: Dry battery 220AH/12V Pcs 10
18 Welding machine: 300 Amps, Input Voltage: 3 Phase, AC380V±15%, Frequency: 50/60 Hz Pcs 1
Priority will be given to vendors from Sabha, and those who're away from conflict areas and can deliver the goods with no risk or delays.





phone_number == 925149480

email == [email protected]

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