Tender: Supply & Deliver Of Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer

Company name: UNICEF

City: Tripoli

Category name: Supplies / Other /

Issued: 2020-12-10

Tender type: Free

Close Date: 2020-12-20

Cost: 0.00

Ref No.
#LITB 2020 -9163953


The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Libya office invites you to submit a bid for the provision of “Supply & Deliver of; Supply Of Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer” reference No LITB 2020 -9163953

Bidders shall provide their best Technical & Commercial bids and shall be based strictly in accordance with this Invitation to bid package provided within the attached document together with any further documents, data and/or addenda which may be issued during the quoting period, all of which shall form the basis of a commitment between UNICEF and the successful Bidder. 


All the ITB process shall be in respect of the Essential information


  • Last date for questions & clarifications 15th December 2020 via lby-procurement@unicef.org
  • All proposals must be sent by email to supply.libya@unicef.org ONLY no later than 11:59 am Tripoli Libya Time on 20th, December 2020, otherwise it will be considered as not valid.
  • The BID FORM (page 3 of this document) must be completed and returned to UNICEF alongside the proposals.
  • Proposals must be submitted electronically in English in two separate emails (one for Technical
  • The reference LITB 2020 -9163953 Technical Proposal' must be shown in the subject line of the email consisting of the technical proposal
  • AND the reference LITB 2020 -9163953 Financial Proposal' must be shown in the subject line of the email consisting of the financial proposal
  • Currency of proposal is UNITED STATES DOLLARS (USD).
  • Due to the nature of this RFP, there will be no public opening of proposals.
  • Price shall not be indicated in any of the documents of the Technical Proposal.
  • Note that failure to submit complete proposals may result in invalidation.
  • Proposals received after the deadline will be invalidated.
  • Please note that any inquiries related to this request for proposal will be acceptable through e-mail address to lby-procurement@unicef.org ONLY and will not be considered through phone calls or any other email.
  • Proposals received in any other manner will be INVALIDATED.


  Attached are the following documents


  1. Annex A: LITB-2020 - 9163953 Supply of Alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  2. Annex B: The Technical Sheet


Yours faithfully,


UNICEF Libya Office

Supply Chain team


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