Tender: Supply of Food kits

Company name: International Organization for Migration (IOM)

City: Tripoli

Category name: Supplies /

Issued: 2020-07-27

Tender type: Free

Close Date: 2020-08-13

Cost: 0.00

Ref No.



Item No.




Date Needed

(Expected Delivery Date)





Food kit including the following items:

1-White flour, 1KG x 1 pack

2-Pasta, 1KG x 1 pack

3-Rice, 1KG x 1 pack

4-Chickpeas Canned, 400g x 2 can

5-Red Kidney beans canned, 400 g x 3 can

6-Green peas Canned, 400 g x 3 can

7-Beans Canned (فول ) , 400 g x 3 can

8-Bottle veg oil , 1 Liter x 1 bottle

9-Tomato paste canned , 400 g x 2 can

10-Tuna canned, 160 g x 5 can

11-Sugar, 500 g x 1 pack

12-Halawa , 500 g x 1 pack

13-Lipton tea (tea bags) or any other good brand, 100 bag x 2 Packs

14-Salt , 500 g x 1 pack

15-Date biscuit (mini bars), 25g/bar x 1 pack

























Important notes :

  • Packing: Plastic container suitable to store food inside
  • Plastic container must contain all kit items mentioned above
  • All items should be packed inside the plastic container upon delivery 
  • IOM stickers to be provided by IOM to awarded Vendor to label on 

the kits prior to delivery.



All prices to be quoted must be valid at least within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of quotation.


  • All prices should include transportation, packing and labeling costs.
  • Delivery of kits will be proportionally requested by IOM. 
  • All PO quantity of 1900 kits will be withdrawn within max 3 months. Therefore, storing of remaining kits should be considered by the vendors while submitting their quotations.


Kindly send an advance copy of your duly signed quotation and picture as samples via email at iomlibyaproc@iom.int on or before 13th AUG 2020. 


IOM Libya


Thank you.


Very truly yours,


Procurement Staff/Focal Point

IOM is encouraging companies to use recycled materials or materials coming from sustainable resources or produced using a technology that has lower ecological footprints.

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