Tender: Supply of Medical equipment, Consumables and Furniture

Company name: premiere urgence internationale

City: Benghazi

Category name: Supplies /

Issued: 2020-08-20

Tender type: Free

Close Date: 2020-09-15

Cost: 0.00

Ref No.


Tender reference: LBY/ALLDONORS/202008/ BGZ /030 Object: Conditions for participation in the tender

Dear tenderer,

You had withdrawn a documentation for participation in the tender referenced above for the market award of medical equipment, consumable and furniture in Benghazi, Libya. In order to register your application, you have to imperatively submit the documentation before 15th September 2020 to 5.00 pm, to the following address:

NGO Première Urgence Internationale Libya's Mission Al Fuweihat area off Al Kairouan Street near Al-Hamd Mosque,

Benghazi, LIBYA


ليبيا - الحمد مسجد قرب القيروان شارع من متفرع / الغربي الفويهات

For hard copies: the documents will be submitted in SEALED and ANONYMOUS envelopes (as specified in article "2.6.Submission of bids" of the participation document.), themselves deposited in the sealed box, dedicated to the calls for tenders. The only mentions allowed on the envelopes is the reference to the tender and the number of lot/s concerned.

For electronic submission: the complete documents (as specified in article "2.6. Submission of bids" of the participation document.), in electronic version (scanned) can only be sent to:


The applications have to include the following documents, duly completed, stamped and signed on each and every page:

- The tender participation file; - Annex A: Submission form;

Annex B: Model of financial offer or equivalent proposed by the bidder,

Annex C: Professional references - Annex D: Financial identification; - Annex E: Technical specification (medical equipment + the technician's resume/CV) - All legal, administrative, financial and technical documents mentioned in article "2.6

submission of bids".

IMPORTANT: Before completing the tender participation file and collecting the requested documents, the tenderers must ensure it will not match the criteria of ineligibility and exclusion, otherwise he will be eliminated.

If, after reading this letter, you decide not to participate to the tender, we would be grateful if you inform us about it in writing, explaining your reasons.



Avel Pellé, Logistics Coordinator PU - Libya

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