Tender: Support to Local Development Planning and Institutional Development in selected Libyan Partner Municipalities

Company name: The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

City: Tripoli

Category name: Other /

Issued: 2021-01-29

Tender type: Free

Close Date: 2021-02-15

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Support to Municipalities and Decentralisation, Libya
Bid Reference: 18.2181.8_Support to Local Development Planning and Institutional Development in Selected Libyan Partner Municipalities

Brief description of the Program and Project

On behalf of the Federal German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is implementing the Support to Municipalities Program in Libya. The Program is co-funded by the European Union through the Trust Fund for North Africa (EUTF). The Program is targeting 24 municipalities across Libya; eight out of which are new partner municipalities to the Program.

Overall, the Program aims to contribute in improving inclusive local governance as well as socio-economic stabilization and development in municipalities. The Program is designed to achieve four main results:

  1. Support of municipal and local authorities in fulfilling their role and responsibilities and strengthen

    horizontal and vertical cooperation and networking;

  2. Provision of services at local level and increased access to services for most vulnerable groups, in

    particular migrants and refugees, are ensured;

  3. Develop and implement projects for economic recovery and job creation;

  4. Develop and support implementation of projects for conflict resolution and inclusion of vulnerable

    groups, especially youth, women, IDPs, and migrants.

Within the framework of Result Area 1, the program is supporting partner municipalities through various measures to strengthen their institutional capacities for improved delivery of services at the local level. Among these, GIZ has provided support in the preparation of a methodological approach for participatory local development planning (LDP) that is localized to the Libyan municipal and local context. The LDP process has been piloted so far in the 15 partner municipalities. Based on the results of the piloting, the methodology has been updated and reflected into Guidelines/Handbook with the aim of guiding municipalities to undergo such processes in a simple and guided approach (See Annex 1 for the LDP Handbook). The LDP approach will be rolled out to 9 new partner municipalities of the Program (See Annex 2 for the List of Partner Municipalities). Lessons learned generated out of this process will feed into LDP implementation which will be based on a unified approach.

GIZ is furthermore supporting the new partner municipalities in undergoing an institutional development process which aims at enabling those municipalities to assume their functions, roles, and responsibilities in the most efficient and effective manner.

Brief description of requested service

GIZ is looking for a national management-consulting firm to lead, supervise, and advise the process of preparing the LDPs in 8 new partners municipalities of the Program as well as Misurata Municipality. Additionally, the consulting firm will conduct the follow-up on implementation and monitoring of the LDPs in the 15 municipalities which were supported earlier to develop their LDPs. Furthermore, the consulting firm will advise and support the institutional development process in the eight new partner municipalities.

Thus, this document elaborates the scope of services to be rendered by the national management- consulting firm.
first key objective of this assignment is to support the Program’s eight partner municipalities as well as Misurata to prepare participatory local development plans in accordance to the national methodology on Local Development Planning and to conduct a follow-up on the implementation of the LDPs for the 15 existing partner municipalities.

The second key objective of this assignment is to support the Program’s eight new partner municipalities in strengthening their institutional capacities in order to be able to manage and deliver improved services at the local level.
Please check the Terms of Reference for detailed information.

Bidders should note and adhere to the following terms:

Offers (technical and financial) shall be submitted in English in an electronic version no later than 15.02.2021 to the following email address: LY_Quotation@giz.de. The subject line of the email should indicate the following title: 18.2181.8_LDP and Institutional Development Municipalities

  • Nonresponsive offers will not be considered.

  • Payments will be in EUR currency to the contractor’s bank abroad.

  • Bidders must have a foreign currency bank account.

  • For financial offers, please use the attached template

  • Financial Offers must contain the bidder’s bank details.

  • Bidders who apply as a company have to be registered in Libya and provide proof of this registration together with the offer.

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