Tender: Tender for Rehabilitation and upgrade works in Tripoli City

Company name: Norwegian Refugee Council

City: Tripoli

Category name: Construction / Other /

Issued: 2021-07-25

Tender type: Free

Close Date: 2021-08-07

Cost: 0.00

Ref No.



- Rehabilitation and upgrade works for Al Hurra Medical Center in Al Hadba- Tripoli. And upgrade works with solar powered refrigerating system for Mashroe Zerae Health Center in Mashroe Area-Tripoli.

- Rehabilitation and upgrade of three rain water lifting stations in Tripoli city.


Dear Mr/Ms 


Following your enquiry regarding the publication of the above-mentioned invitation to tender, please find enclosed the following documents, which constitute the tender dossier.


Any request for clarification must be received by NRC in writing at least 5 working days before the deadline for submission of tenders. NRC will reply to bidders' questions at least 2 working days before the deadline for submission of tenders. 


Costs incurred by the bidder in preparing and submitting the tender proposals will not be reimbursed.


We look forward to receiving your bid at the address specified in the Instructions to Bidders before < 7/8/2021 5:00 pm Tripoli Time>, as stated in the procurement notice. Failure to meet the closing date will result in the bid being rejected.


NRC is under no obligation to award the contract to the lowest bidder and has the right to award contracts to multiple bidders.


As part of this tender process, please be advised that NRC may request to conduct visits to the Contractors’ facilities to verify any of the information provided in the bidder response documents.


If you decide to submit a tender, we would be grateful if you deliver it to our office.


Tripoli Office:  Tripoli, Al Siyahiya Neighborhood, Wadi Assouf Street behind Qobab Street

Email Address for correspondence or questions (Please note that any offer received via email will be automatically disqualified): LY.Procurement@nrc.no


  يرفض تسليم العطاء  على الايميل يطلب الحضور شخصي للمكتب وتسليم العطاء باليد في الصندوق العطاءات

للاتصال بالارقام  



Yours sincerely, 

< NRC Procurement>

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